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Harnessing The Latest Consumer & Retailer Trends To Deliver Innovative & Commercially-Successful Food & Drink NPD

Inspire, Excite & Boost Profits By Creating Appealing, Next-Level Propositions For Consumers & Retailers In Today’s Changing Innovation Landscape

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 18th October 2016, One America Square, London. Download the brochure here.

Boost Profits By Harnessing The Latest Shopper & Retailer Trends & Innovations For Winning Food & Drink NPD Strategies Which Drive Long-Term Commercial Success:

  1. The Next Big Thing, Game-Changers & Innovations: Get ahead of the competition today with insight into the emerging trends and innovations of tomorrow
  2. Shopping Habits: Aligning NPD To Today’s Consumer: Harness insight on today’s consumer and changing perceptions in the changing retail landscape for winning products
  3. Sugar! Tackling sugar reduction with the latest market alternatives and methods to develop lower sugar products and meet industry pressures and consumer expectations
  4. Harnessing Retailer Views For Commercially-Orientated NPD: Delve into retailer trends, expectations and strategies for products the retailers will list and customers will snap up
  5. Capitalise On Growing Health Trends & Markets: Tap into and respond to consumer perception around health and nutrition for product and category growth
  6. Grab Consumer Attention With Innovative, Functional Packaging: Design and develop innovative, sustainable and on-trend packaging which stands out on the shelf
  7. Consumer-Centric, Trend-Led Food & Drink Launches: Execute stand-out, shopper-winning NPD launches which boost sales and product reach
  8. Building A Winning NPD Strategy: Insights into creating commercially-led NPD concepts and best-practice processes, systems and approaches to streamline your route to market
  9. Driving Food & Drink R&D Innovation To The Next Level: What changes in trends, technologies, ingredients and regulations should we be taking note of next?

PLUS! This NPD Food & Drink Conference Features:

  • 21 Food & Drink Brands & Retailers Speaking From The Frontline
  • 1 Compact Day
  • 97% Average Delegate Satisfaction Rating (based on the previous 2 conferences)
  • 83%+ Average Senior, Client-Side Audience (based on the previous 2 conferences)
  • 7 Roundtable Discussions & Debates: A) Restaurants Trends B) Innovation & Product C) Testing D) Sugar Reduction E)
    Technical Challenges F) Free-From G) Added Protein H) Fibre I) Convenience Formats
  • 1 ‘The Next Big Thing’ Panel Discussion
  • 1 ‘R&D Innovatins’ Panel Discussion
  • 1 ‘Winning Launches’ Double Perspective
  • 1 ‘Retailer Views’ Delegate Debate
  • 10 In-Depth Sessions Focused On Your Hottest NPD Trends & Innovations
  • 2 Conference Chairman
  • Interactive Voting
  • Facilitated Networking Hosts
  • Open Q&A

Written By NPD Professionals For NPD Professionals: 1 Day, 21 Senior Speakers: The Next Big Thing • Health Trends • Sugar Reduction • Retailer Trends, Expectations & Strategies • Consumer Insight & Shopper Habits • Winning NPD Strategy • Packaging Innovation • Commercially-Successful Launches • R&D Innovations

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The NPD Food & Drink Conference – Trends & Innovations: To view the full conference programme, click here.

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks


09.15 Get Ahead Of The Innovation Curve & Competition With Insight Into The Emerging Trends & Market Game Changers You Need To Harness Now!

Simon Maddrell, Group Director of Insight & Innovation Strategy, 2 Sisters Food Group

Anthony Palmer
Global Consumer Innovation, Business Director


Carl Middleton
Director Of Off Trade
Marston’s Beer Company

Heidi Farrar
Data & Insight Controller
Cranswick PLC

Mark Tanous
Bounce Foods

Amir Ali
Company Culinary Innovation Chef
Mitchells & Butlers – RESTAURANT


09.45 Capitalise On Growing Markets By Creating Food & Drink Products Which Tap Into The Current Health Trend & Respond To Consumer Perceptions Of Healthy Eating, Salt & Sugar

  • What does the future look like for health? What will be the next superfood to take the industry by storm? Where are the future opportunities in nutrition and wellbeing?
  • Capitalise on consumer insight by adapting your innovation strategy according to what consumers are looking for from products in terms of health and nutrition – are the majority actually into clean eating or is this just a fad?
  • Meet consumer expectations by understanding the next diet and nutrition trend: from gluten free, added protein, high fibre – where is it going next?

09.45 Perspective One
John Letford
Head of Category Development & Revenue Growth Management
Danone Waters (UK & Ireland) Ltd

Vicki Collins
Head of Grocery Category Management
Danone Waters (UK & Ireland) Ltd

10.10 Perspective Two
Marcin Urbanek
Innovation Director

10.35 Mid-Morning Refreshment Break With Informal, Facilitated Networking

11.05 Perspective Three
Philip Gowland
Marketing Director


11.30 Tackling Industry Pressures Around Sugar Reduction With The Latest Alternatives & Methods
With increasing regulation and pressure from retailers and consumers to reduce sugar levels in food and drink products, what are the ins and outs when it comes to tackling this top industry issue? Hear the lessons learned on overcoming issues around:

  • Exploring available sugar alternatives that retain the main functional qualities
  • What are the acceptable replacements for the industry and consumers?
  • The techniques and technology to harness for products with lower sugar levels
  • Predicting where regulation will extend in the future

Jason Kerr
Co-Founder & Head of Product Innovation


11.55 Retailer Trends, Expectations & Strategies: Creating Commercially-Orientated NPD In Today’s & Tomorrow’s Retail Environment

  • From the ‘Big 4’ supermarkets to discounters to convenience formats; do you understand what the retailers are looking for in terms of innovations in today’s changing landscape?
  • Insights into retailer perceptions around new and emerging trends: where are they placing their bets on future growth and what are they looking to reduce?
  • Getting to grips with retailer expectations to manage and meet increasing pressures around timescales and costs for successful listings and NPD launches
  • Developing winning listings by understanding how retailers and buyers pick new listings, their key targets for the year and what they are looking for from NPD

12.20 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. To get involved in The NPD Food & Drink Conference – Trends & Innovations, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@npdfoodconference.com for more details.

12.45 Lunch For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.20 Peer-To-Peer Informal Lunchtime Discussions

A) Restaurant Trends
Masha Voskresenskaia
Brand Partner & Business Intelligence Controller
Lucozade Ribena Suntory Ltd

B) Technical Challenges Posed By Market Drivers In The Production Of Sugar-Reduced Beverages: Where To Next?
Les Norton
Group Research & Development Director
Halewood International Limited

C) Why You Need To Go Beyond Liking In Your Innovation & Product Testing?
Andrew Wardlaw
Marketing & Insight Director
MMR Research Worldwide

D) Free-From

E) Added Protein

F) Fibre

G) Convenience Trends

13.45 Afternoon Chairman’s Remarks


13.50 Uncovering The Impact Of The Rapidly Changing Retail Environment On Shopping Behaviour & Consumer Habits

  • What impact will rapidly changing social attitudes, economics, digital transformation and retail environments have on shopper behaviour?
  • Getting to grips with shopper behaviour by understanding the search for the most convenient shopping experience in order to adapt your NPD strategy accordingly
  • A look to the future of grocery shopping as a mixture of online and offline – how can we nudge shoppers out of habitual auto-pilot using omni-channel influences to our advantage
  • In a retail environment where choice is widening but retailers are rationalising ranges, how do we ensure our product innovation is found in store?
  • Shopper missions, consumer habits to the retail environment understanding how these elements can infl uence shopper behaviour and give your innovation the best chance to stand out on the shelf

Emma Tappin
Shopper Marketing Controller
Premier Foods


14.15 Harnessing Insight Into Consumer & Shopper Habits To Create Category-Centric NPD Strategy In The Changing Retail Landscape

  • A look at what the future holds for consumer consumption and shopping patterns to understand where we can focus to achieve growth in NPD
  • Adapting your NPD strategy to take account of the impact of the discounter operating model and the shift in shopping patterns
  • Delving into the drivers behind growth and insight into critical issues of reach, availability and visibility for consumers to adapt and alter your NPD pipeline for the future

David Warren
Head of Category & Insight
Dairy Crest


14.40 Building A Winning NPD Strategy With Insights Into The Techniques, Systems & Approaches To Streamline Your Route To Market & Create Commercially-Led NPD Concepts

  • Best-practice approaches to streamline processes and systems for fast-tracked NPD production, whilst still meeting technical requirements. Can we hit the market in 6 weeks instead of 6 months?
  • Concept creation: translating consumer and market trends into winning products with the best techniques to analyse the gaps in the market and emerging trends
  • Building cohesive working processes across departments to ensure product and packaging innovation come together successfully for winning NPD

Chris Owen
Brand Proposition Manager
Kerry Foods

15.05 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. To get involved in The NPD Food & Drink Conference – Trends & Innovations, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@npdfoodconference.com for more details.

15.25 Mid-Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal, Facilitated Networking


15.55 Adapting Winning Techniques To Successfully Launch Consumer-Centric, Trend-Led Food & Drink Products Which Drive Commercial Success, Long Term

  • Identifying gaps in the market and harnessing consumer insight to create winning food and drink products which translate onto the supermarket shelf and keep consumers coming back for more
  • Executing a successful launch in practice with insight into the key challenges and pitfalls to be aware of to ensure your NPD stands out on the shelf
  • Maintaining the momentum post launch: activation techniques and top tips to ensure your product lasts the course and continues to fly off the shelves
  • The best methods for reviewing your product once it has hit the shelves and the key metrics for measuring innovation success. Should we be concentrating on sales, growth of brand or length of time stocked in store?

15.55 Perspective One
Greg Duggan

Damien Kennedy

16.15 Perspective Two
Roberto Bellinzona
European Category Director


16.40 Designing & Developing Innovative, Functional & Sustainable Packaging For Food & Drink NPD To Grab Consumer Attention

  • Where is packaging going? The viable, new innovations and trends to harness to ensure your product is noticed by the consumer
  • Analysing the new technology on offer to successfully innovate your packaging whilst maintaining its functionality
  • Where do we need to look in terms of packaging reduction, recycling and biodegradability to meet consumer expectations and benchmark against industry standards?

Speaker To Be Announced, Please Check Website For Details


17.00 Trends, Technologies, Ingredients & Regulation: Where Will We Drive Food & Drink Innovation Next?

  • Analysing the latest technologies and processing techniques on the market to aid innovation, speed up route to market and extend shelf life without affecting taste, quality or safety
  • The lessons learned on identifying the short-term fads from the long-term innovations; how can we monetise food and drink innovation further against a backdrop of more and more new products?
  • With customers increasingly selecting food and drink products based on their ingredients and materials, how will this impact concept creation and innovation?
  • Assessing the likely impacts and implications of the regulatory changes and updates around ingredients and products that will impact NPD to avoid innovation headaches

Danielle Bekker
Director: Brewing Innovation
SABMiller plc

Adam Wilcock
European R&D Sr. Manager
Papa John’s International – RESTAURANT

17.30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Digital Food & Drink Conference – Boosting Performance, please email info@digitalfoodconference.com.

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